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Our Strategic Business Partnerships

CCL Hospitality Group has built a substantial portfolio of strategic business partnerships throughout the industries we serve. We collaborate with this powerful network of people, companies and professional associations to promote mutually beneficial growth goals. As shown below, we have categorized our partnerships into four distinct buckets:

The Catalyst

A strong networking partner transforming industry conferences into must-attend events, we build relationships, generate leads, and drive growth together.

The Transformer

Non-tech service providers enhance our client solutions, differentiate us from competitors, and turbocharge our proposals.

The Integrator

Best-in-class tech solutions in our Digital Hospitality platform make us the top choice for enhancing resident experiences and efficiency.

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Our Partners: The Catalyst

A strong networking partner transforming industry conferences into must-attend events. By joining forces, we establish new relationships, generate leads, promote brand awareness, and drive mutual growth.

Activated Insights

Enabling long-term and post-acute care providers to make the most of every interaction.


Specializing in serving non-acute providers and nonprofits, leveraging $51.9B purchasing power for top-tier pricing.

Business Partner 02

Care Purchasing Services

The leading national group purchasing organization dedicated to the senior living market.

Business Partner 03


Accelerating savings and optimizing total performance for hospitals, health systems and providers across acute and non-acute sites of care.

Business Partner 04

Infinity Rehab

A full suite of therapy services for senior living and healthcare.

Business Partner 05

Kare Staffing

Connecting Caregivers, Nurses, and Staff with Senior Care Communities and Nursing Homes.

Business Partner 06

Linkage Solutions

A curated concierge service for your supply chain and resident engagement needs.

Business Partner 07

Lument Securities

At Lument, we are redefining what you can expect from a financial partner.

Business Partner 08


Products and services you need to operate day-to-day, we’ve got that covered. We’re the GPO here to save you money.

Business Partner 010

Samaritan Alliance

One of the only group purchasing organizations solely dedicated to serving senior living providers.

Business Partner 10


The nation's leading healthcare performance improvement company.

Business Partner 11


Ziegler provides its clients with capital raising, strategic advisory services, equity and fixed income sales & trading and research.

Our Partners: The Transformer

Non-tech industry service providers integrated into our proposed client solutions. By combining capabilities, we significantly enhance our client value propositions, differentiate ourselves from competitors, and turbocharge our client proposals. These providers offer complementary services that, when combined with ours, greatly enhance overall value.

Business Partner 12


Freshly frozen treats in a snap.

Business Partner 13

Pi Architects

Creating vibrant environments through expert collaboration and innovative design.

Untitled design (2)

Scopos Hospitality Group

We help you create hospitality experiences through food service design, interior design, and branding.

Business Partner 15

UnLock Marketing

We give healthcare organizations the flexibility they need to grow, whether it’s a multidisciplinary full-service partnership or targeted support to achieve specific objectives.

Business Partner 14

Varsity Branding

Our strategies, capabilities and tactics are focused on building, selling and maintaining your brand. Collaborating. Together. The way it should be.


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