Meadowood Senior Living Boosts Resident Satisfaction with Enhanced Environmental Services

In their partnership with Coreworks, Meadowood Senior Living prioritized trust and collaboration which has resulted in increased resident satisfaction and high-quality services.
Meadowood & Coreworks Case Study


Efficient coordination and delivery of services allowed resident needs to be met with precision and care


Trust and collaboration and a strong cultural alignment on values paved the way for high-quality services


A tailored approach to resident care meant going beyond just service provision, but services that truly mattered


Paul Nordeman, President and CEO of Meadowood Senior Living, has been committed to serving his community for 15 years. Recognizing the importance of resident satisfaction and operational efficiency, Meadowood forged a valuable partnership with Coreworks for housekeeping and laundry services, a crucial component of their journey towards excellence in senior living.

Meadowood’s partnership with Coreworks has significantly enhanced resident satisfaction and operational efficiency.


Coreworks has been an integral part of Meadowood’s senior living community for quite some time. The community was seeking more than just services when selecting a partnership. They sought a strong cultural alignment that could provide a tailored approach for their residents.

In 2017, Meadowood made the strategic decision to bring Coreworks on board, leading to immediate positive impacts. Paul Nordeman emphasizes that “Coreworks is keeping our level of satisfaction at a very, very high level. Our residents appreciate the services they receive.” Trust and collaboration have been the foundation of this partnership, and it has further strengthened as it has evolved.

We can, with great confidence, feel safe and secure in handing over the management of our community knowing it is always going to be looking its very best.

President & CEO | Meadowood Senior Living
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Trust and collaboration have been the cornerstone of this fruitful partnership. As Meadowood and Coreworks evolved together, they fostered a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, enabling them to provide high-quality services to their residents.

Recognizing the importance of safe and clean environment for an exceptional hospitality experience, Paul Nordeman emphasized, “You can have the greatest programs and services around, but if you don’t have the proper environment, you are missing a big piece.”

Meadowood’s partnership with Coreworks has helped create this essential environment, which has greatly contributed to their residents’ well-being.


Meadowood Senior Living experienced a remarkable boost in resident satisfaction with Coreworks seamlessly integrating into the community. The presence of Coreworks played a pivotal role in elevating satisfaction levels, ensuring residents consistently received high-quality services and care.

In the collaborative journey with Coreworks, Meadowood went beyond mere service provision. They created a living environment that nurtured and enhanced the overall resident experience. This partnership contributed significantly to the well-being of the residents, establishing a home that goes beyond the ordinary.

The collaboration allowed for a more tailored approach to resident care, addressing specific needs and preferences. It wasn’t just about providing services; it was about providing services that truly mattered to the residents.

The foundation of trust in this partnership proved to be transformative. Operations were streamlined, allowing for efficient coordination and delivery of services. The trust-based collaboration was more than just a business strategy; it was a commitment to benefitting the residents, ensuring their needs were met with precision and care.

Rooted in a distinctive hospitality-centric culture, Coreworks brought responsiveness, flexibility, and integrity to the forefront. The team members, ingrained with these values through Core Service Training, consistently delivered a high-quality service experience.

With decades of industry expertise, Coreworks demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricate operational challenges in senior living. The collaboration exemplifies the power of trust, shared values, and a commitment to providing the best possible senior living experience.

Meadowood remains dedicated to raising the bar in terms of quality assurance standards and customer service to drive excellence in everything they do.

Meadowood Senior Living

Coreworks is keeping our level of satisfaction at a very, very high level. Our residents appreciate the services they receive.

President & CEO | Meadowood Senior Living

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