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Our powerful, differentiated portfolio allows us to meet a wide range of client and customer needs. We align strategies and coordinate operations to capture the available synergies across our brands. This allows us to determine the distinct advantages of each brand and their strategic role in our portfolio. 

  • Single Source Partnership: One-stop access to a range of solutions.
  • Scalable Practices: Flexible practices that can adapt to your changing needs.
  • Improves Employee Retention Through Development Opportunities: Investing in employee growth to boost retention.
  • Global Innovation: Access to cutting-edge global innovations.


At our core, we prioritize understanding your organization’s immediate and future dining and hospitality needs. By working closely with you, we create comprehensive, customized solutions that optimize cost efficiencies, add value, and address the evolving dynamics that impact your business. Our shared control approach offers the following benefits: 

  • Strategy & Experiences: Tailored strategies and experiences that align with your organization's goals.
  • Information Transparency: Clear and open communication to ensure a mutual understanding of plans and progress.
  • Mutual Risk & Reward: A partnership where both parties share the risks and rewards of the endeavor.
  • Specialized Support Infrastructure: A dedicated support system to cater to your specific requirements.
  • Building a Unique Project Together: Collaborative efforts to create a project that stands out.


We are transparent and intentional about driving results for our clients. We’re not a vendor, we are a partner and form relationships built on dedication, loyalty, hard work, and honesty. And even though we form a large organization, we are flexible and nimble in approach so we can act fast where scale and customization intersect – providing the best of both worlds. 

  • Mutual Agreement & Transparency: Agreed-upon goals and transparent communication.
  • Mitigates Inflation Impacts: Strategies to manage the impact of inflation on costs.
  • Predictable Forecasting: Accurate and reliable forecasting to make informed decisions.
  • Metrics & KPI Driven: Utilizing key performance indicators and metrics to track progress and success.


Our most significant competitive advantage is our team. We constantly strive to strengthen our service culture – every team member knows they matter and owns a stake in our success, delivering on our client commitments. CCL’s culture helps drive our growth and makes us an industry leader in recruitment, retention, and training. 

  • Complementary Mission: Aligning missions to foster a cohesive and aligned partnership.
  • Seamless Consumer Experience: Providing a smooth and consistent experience for residents, associates and guests.
  • Enhances Your Brand: Elevating your brand through exceptional service and experiences.
  • Service-Driven: A commitment to prioritizing excellent service in everything we do.


How we’ll work together


Assess Current State

Working collaboratively with your organization's stakeholders, we conduct a thorough assessment of critical business issues and overarching goals. Our team analyzes relevant data, metrics, KPIs, and reports to gain insights into your community's on-site operations.


Vision & Partnership Design

Our executive partnership agreement ensures successful integration as we align on program design and support infrastructure. In the onboarding Design & Dream Session, we define priorities, timelines, deliverables, and establish KPIs to ensure the best possible partnership.


Develop & Deploy Transition Plan

To ensure a smooth and transparent process, we install a support infrastructure covering all areas of operations. We craft a communication governance and set collective expectations for the onboarding process.


Operations Optimization

After the initial transition, we measure performance and optimize all allocated resources. Co-authoring performance measurements, we continuously monitor all areas of our contract, aiming for the best possible performance that grows over time.

Foodbuy is the largest hospitality group purchasing organization in the nation, which ensures CCL accounts are prioritized to alleviate supply chain shortages. Our cross-functional task force responds to changing market conditions to anticipate shortages. Our sourcing, category, communications, quality assurance and distribution teams frequently meet to assess the latest supply challenges, secure products on behalf of our customers and identify alternative routes to market.

Our teams have made tremendous efforts over the past 24 months to negotiate contracts and ensure that Compass Group accounts are receiving the highest-quality ingredients at the most cost effective pricing formula. Foodbuy’s priorities are to mitigate price increases and operational disruptions. Foodbuy has allowed us to diminish the impact of inflation by 30%. Our dedicated task force is monitoring supply chain risk and securing inventory for our operations. It has been critical to our partners’ success in this time of price volatility to have flexible pricing models that allow our operators to maintain quality programs as cost inputs fluctuate

E15 is Compass Group’s industry-leading analytics firm that helps clients and operators make better business decisions using data and advanced analytical methodologies. E15’s team of dedicated data scientists, business analysts, and consumer researchers have assisted Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned universities, championship sports teams, and cutting-edge hospitals across North America.

Business Analytics

Focusing on analyzing the what, so what, and now what

Data Engineering

Focus on building cloud infrastructure and services to support the technology and data needs of our teams and clients

Research and Analytics

Focus on understanding the guest experience on location and how guests spend their time and money outside of our locations

Business Intelligence

Focus on leveraging enterprise data assets to strategically design and visualize key performance indicators driving performance at scale

Advanced Analytics

Focus on developing products across the data science/machine learning spectrum to help our business grow

Home to digital experts, Compass Digital is leading in digital transformation and innovation. With a suite of products empowering operators, enhancing the customer experience and helping identify new business opportunities, Compass Digital takes hospitality to the next level. Work is organized into three areas to build an end-to-end ecosystem that drives exceptional hospitality experiences for all customers and operators:


Deliver and scale within the business and drive digital transformation through scaling solutions with a proven impact.


Conceive and build proprietary products and develop emerging solutions through internal co-creation and an agile approach to innovation.


Incubate and scale emerging capabilities and cultivate and roll out nascent technologies through external partnerships that shape the future of food hospitality

While we already had ample liquidity on hand, in May 2020 we announced an equity raise, which gave us the strongest balance sheet in our company’s history. While our competitors are burdened with heavy debt, we are able to continue to invest in our business, making strategic decisions that ensure our future success and continue to bring the best to our clients.

Our finance costs are 75% lower than our competitors, equating to hundreds of millions of dollars that we are able to invest back into the business – in clients, people, innovation, cybersecurity and more. We’re also continuing to invest in a team dedicated to change management, ensuring that the contract transition process is always seamless and successful.

While our competitors will have pressure and lack flexibility because of their debt load, Compass Group can be nimble and smart, as we are well-positioned to move through this crisis and continuously deliver for our clients.

Comprised of experts in marketing and culinary innovation, wellness, sustainability, retail solutions, brand depth and space transformation, Envision Group uses data-driven insights from the business, emerging trends, disruptive models and research partners to inform the development of new ideas to meet the specific needs of our clients.


Growth is vital to client success. Our collective performance will be measured by support of, and contribution to, results. It will be our filter for evaluating the commercial worthiness of initiatives, programs, campaigns and partnerships.


A mindset of innovation, thought-leadership and challenging status quo inspires change. Our intent is to deliver best-in-class food and hospitality services, while maintaining our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


Creativity challenges us to be “makers” who capitalize on new markets, design solutions, build revenue generators, promote goodwill, and foster strategies that have a positive impact in the food system.

Compass Group has managed successful transitions across local, regional and global contracts. We understand that transition expertise and change management are key priorities for our clients. We transition over $1 billion in new business each year, and we are committed to managing our process in accordance with our clients’ organizational needs. Compass Group’s experience and reputation for quality and cost effectiveness provide the breadth and depth in resources and business transition expertise to successfully mobilize and transition business with little to no impact or disruption

  • Customized transition plan and communications/governance structure based upon goals, expectations and priorities
  • Proven processes, templates, tools and best practices refined from extensive cross-sector transition/transformation experience
  • Liaison for national management team, field teams and corporate resources to solve for any complexity/nuance within a client transition/transformation
  • Account governance, process innovation, enterprise change management
  • Operational risk assessment/mitigation

We foster a culture where our many differences make a big difference. We like to reward people doing great things and acknowledge individuals and teams not only for their great work, but also for their achievement, service and commitment to diversity and inclusion. In addition to our specialized HR support and unmatched people management skills, our proprietary labor platform, SmartLabor, processes and manages our workforce by identifying any inefficiencies, capturing data, and driving change.

Learn more about our talent management here. 

Customer Experience Delivered is our mission to delight our guests and to put the customer first in everything we do. Playing to the combined strength of two powerhouses; Morrison Living and Unidine, it emphatically states that an elevated customer experience will be delivered on, every day, every day-part.

It’s designed to deliver on an enhanced customer experience for residents, their families and associates, as well. It’s our belief that an elevated customer experience is key in fostering high-touch and trusted relationships with our clients as well as providing the ultimate experience for the residents.

It’s an ideology that empowers our associates, chefs and wait-staff to collectively hold each other accountable for delivering on our three Must-do’s – Culinary Excellence, Exceptional Hospitality, and A Professional Image. It leverages the skills and expertise of our associates, encouraging them to support and take responsibility in the day-to-day operations of their team.

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A Customized Approach for Living a Healthy Life

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Empower Your Team with Dynamic Staffing Solutions

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Elevating Your Facility's Comfort and Cleanliness Standards

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Effortlessly Manage Your Operations with Seamless Deliveries

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