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Collaboration, Communication, and Accountability are the Keys to Effective Operations & Boosting Performance Measures.

Client Story: Blakeford Senior Life

Efficiency, Remediation, and Optimization

In addition to culinary excellence, effective management of hospitality services is crucial for the success of a senior living community. A well-optimized operation ensures that residents have a diverse range of dining options tailored to their individual tastes and dietary needs, while equipping dining teams with the necessary tools to deliver on this commitment. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented, and proven practices are deployed to ensure that every meal is prepared and served with utmost quality, accuracy, and care.

Beyond food alone, engaging activities and events are thoughtfully organized around dining to maximize the overall consumer experience. This approach promotes social interaction among residents and fosters a strong sense of community within the senior living environment. By seamlessly integrating these elements, you can optimize your dining program to deliver an enriching and satisfying experience for your residents, ultimately leaving a positive and lasting impact on your brand’s reputation.

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Client Activation

A successful partnership is founded on trust, goal alignment, effective communication, and mutual accountability, resulting in a proactive approach to address any concerns that may arise. Regular meetings play a vital role as essential checkpoints to review business objectives, financial performance, and quality metrics, encompassing efficiency, service, and resident satisfaction.

In addition to providing exceptional resident experiences, our operational immersion focuses on nurturing the growth and development of dining team members, ensuring consistent culinary execution, and maintaining regulatory compliance, all of which contribute to financial success.

Our dedicated management team meticulously implements processes to tactically achieve your goals while keeping you well-informed through weekly reporting, quarterly business reviews, and annual vision setting. This fosters a collaborative environment where your strategy and community success remain at the forefront of our partnership.

Ambassador Network

With our industry-leading expertise and abundant resources, our partner communities can unlock the full potential of their operations, achieving increased cost-effectiveness while delivering an elevated dining experience for residents. By harnessing industry best practices, proven departmental tools, and cutting-edge technology, we provide tailored solutions that drive efficiency and excellence.

From the outset, our client activation process ensures a seamless transition, marked by well-defined milestones, and supported by a dedicated team of training ambassadors. Our robust recruitment funnel enables us to attract top talent, while our focus on annual career pathing ensures the retention of exceptional leaders. We understand that great people create great results, both for your residents and behind the scenes.

Our management operating systems and financial forecasting tools empower us to enhance profitability and streamline operations, allowing you to harness the power of optimized hospitality operations with CCL Hospitality Group.

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