How to Optimize Technology for Your Senior Living Community

Learn how we enhance senior living communities with advanced technology solutions for sustainable dining experiences and operational efficiency.
How to Optimize Technology for Your Senior Living Community

The senior living market is more competitive than ever and it’s critical for providers to not just keep pace – but proactively solve for today’s challenges and prepare for a new incoming resident demographic.

A recent U.S. Census revealed that by 2030 all baby boomers will be 65+. Baby boomers are actively researching senior living communities that will meet their needs and we have a very clear picture of what their expectations are.

Baby boomers are technology fluent, have sophisticated taste, are more educated than previous generations, are focused on their health and wellness and are seeking experiences, and lifestyle programming.

They are also one of the most influential generations in history, as they celebrated the first ever Earth Day in 1970 and the passage of the Clean Air Act — arguably the founding of the modern environmental movement itself.

Implementing technology tools today to help your operations become more productive, efficient and profitable, is also a transformative way to attract this incoming group of environmentally conscience residents, while delivering inspired culinary experiences and modern hospitality.

Supporting the Resident Experience with Sustainability at the Forefront

As senior living communities are increasingly responding to resident expectations for eco-friendly practices, sourcing ingredients locally, ensuring energy-efficient design and green spaces are at the top of the sustainability practices list.

In CCL’s commitment to sustainability, we’ve also embraced the ethos of reducing paper and waste, helping to decrease our environmental footprint and costs in our communities. 

Randy Emert, SVP, Chief Culinary Officer states, “We’ve said goodbye to traditional printed recipes and have welcomed a new era of eco-friendly cooking.” Embracing a paperless kitchen not only reduces our environmental impact, but also makes your cooking experience more dynamic and interactive. Chef Emert adds, “Our recipes are not only delicious, but delivered through state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to access them seamlessly on your digital devices.”

We have a keen eye on immerging technologies and work to continue to maximize efficiency and productivity. We are head-first in technology solutions that will streamline our production processes, providing needed information at the fingertips of our team members, while also bringing us closer to our sustainability goals.

Ryan McCoy
Director of Culinary Innovation
CCL Hospitality Group
Sous Vide cooking with CCL Hospitality Group
Sous Vide Technology Saves Time & Money for Senior Living Community Kitchens
Senior Living Technology Solutions

With integrated service models, we harness technology, specialized products, and cutting-edge solutions to ensure your residents feel safe and secure, while fostering a sense of community connection.

To name just a few examples helping communities we partner with across the country thrive:

  1. Sous Vide, an older technology, has been reintroduced to our kitchens as it solves for today’s staffing challenges, by saving time because chefs are able to prepare food in advance. Sous vide cuts costs allowing chefs to use less expensive cuts of meat.
  2. Digital Kitchens help gain efficiencies and the interactive touch screens support our sustainable goals significantly reducing paper use. Staff have instant access to all recipes and reports. Completed orders taken will scale the production sheets and recipes to actual need automatically, eliminating manual tallies all together.
  3. Wireless HACCP streamlines temperature recording and digitizes logs. It includes an early alarm system alerting operators when food is outside of acceptable temperature range, removing manual checks and reducing labor, waste and costs.
  4. The UNOX Evereo Extended Hold System holds hot food products for 72 hours without compromising quality or nutritional value while reducing labor, food waste and costs. Evereo uses reduced oxygen environments with advanced temperature and moisture controls, and holding cabinets are ventless and are not required to be under and exhaust hood.
  5. Rouxbe Online Culinary Training Program is an extensive professional Online Culinary School we offer all our culinarians – a platform also used by Disney, Marriott and Whole Foods. Through Rouxbe, our teams gain 110 CEH’s with the American Culinary Foundation, and up to 9 college credits once completed. It’s an incredible opportunity to inspire creativity, open teams up to fresh perspectives and express their individuality, all of which are at the core of providing exceptional dining experiences.
  6. Unattended Micro Markets provide residents with 24/7 access to food and beverages, enhancing the resident experience with flexibility and furthering independence.

Learn more about how CCL Hospitality Group uses technology to enhance senior living operations.

We leverage these advanced tools to help our partners integrate and streamline their operational processes. From work order loading to feedback surveys, quality control procedures, and time tracking, our innovative platforms enhance efficiency and accountability.

While bringing new technology solutions to meet the needs of your current and prospective residents into your community, it’s essential to do so without losing that personal touch with residents.

Partner with CCL Hospitality Group
We’re More Than a Partner. We are an Extension of Your Team

As part of Compass Group, the fourth largest employer in the U.S. and eleventh largest in the world, CCL is a robust, but nimble organization. Our value and competitive advantage comes from being a one-stop solution for cutting edge global innovations.

Our approach is to develop customized solutions that are data driven ensuring value, shared control, accountability and transparency.

CCL has a dedicated support system to meet your community’s needs. From day one, our approach is based on mutually agreed-upon metrics and transparency, which are tailored to ensure alignment with your organization’s KPIs.

We foster open two-way communication, forming a lasting partnership, while working closely with you and your team, we create comprehensive solutions that optimize cost efficiencies, bring value and address the evolving industry dynamics that impact your business.

Through our extended team of industry experts, some of the key areas we focus on include:

As your partner and advisor, we see both parties actively participating in building the right programming and pricing model to ensure alignment with the unique needs and preferences of your community. Together we create an authentic partnership and shared ownership elevating the resident and team member experience.

About CCL Hospitality Group

CCL Hospitality Group is a nationwide leader in culinary and support services with four distinct operational companies – Morrison Living, Unidine, Coreworks, and The Hub. We provide modern world-class hospitality infrastructure, talent, and innovation. We are shaping the industry’s future leaders with a culture of service focused on elevated hospitality offerings for community living across the country. Learn more here.

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