Operations Optimization

Through Strong Leadership, Passion, and a Strategic Vision, Victoria Vega Delivers Exceptional Value for Our Clients

We recently interviewed Victoria Vega, SVP of Operations, to discuss her career path and to learn what fuels her passion for our industry.
How to Optimize Technology for Your Senior Living Community

How to Optimize Technology for Your Senior Living Community

Learn how we enhance senior living communities with advanced technology solutions for sustainable dining experiences and operational efficiency.
Navigating Supply Chain

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

Senior living has faced an array of challenges including uncertain economic forecasts and supply chain disruptions. Navigating these challenges with dedicated supply chain resources provides a variety of opportunities.
Is Your Senior Living Community Poised for Growth 01

Is Your Senior Living Community Poised for Growth – or Pitfalls?

Your operations are only as strong as your infrastructure. While that’s true for any organization, senior living operators are uniquely vulnerable given resident safety and satisfaction are paramount.
Transparent Pricing Strategy 02

Understanding the Importance of a Transparent Pricing Strategy

A transparent pricing strategy benefits senior living providers by providing accurate reliable forecasting and allowing for consistent billing and revenue flow planning, so they can make informed business decisions.
CL162 Blakeford Header

Blakeford Senior Life Modernizes Dining and Improves Resident Satisfaction

By partnering with Morrison Living and The Hub, Blakeford prioritized venue renovations, resulting in an optimized workflow, improved resident satisfaction, and positioning the community for future occupancy.
DigitalFirst 1

Digital First Magazine Names CCL Hospitality Group a Most Innovative Company in 2023

See how CCL sets new industry standards by prioritizing excellence, sustainability, and collaborative partnerships to transform the resident and patient experience.
Teresian House 1

How Teresian House Improved Operations to Amplify Positive Brand Perception

Partnering with Unidine improved operations, resulting in increased resident satisfaction, improved quality ratings, and enhanced brand reputation.
Embracing Technology 1

Embracing Technology for an Enhanced Senior Living Experience

Revolutionizing Senior Living: Cut costs, improve service, and attract tech-savvy baby boomers. From robots to smart kitchens, a new era in senior care is here.