Reinforcing Success in Recovery


A Holistic Approach Focused on Financial Predictability, Aligning to Business Objectives, and Prioritizing Patient Outcomes.

How We Provide Exceptional Dining
For Independent Residents At Sequoia Living

Wellness That Helps Patients Thrive

Incorporating healthy eating habits and providing nutritional knowledge are crucial for supporting recovery and reducing the risk of relapse. Many recovery patients lack awareness of dietary recommendations and tend to consume nutritionally poor foods. We introduce nutrition education early on to help patients transition from a diet of junk food to a well-rounded, nourishing diet. Addressing malnutrition during detoxification, we offer smoothies or shakes made with fresh vegetables, fruits, and dietary supplements to provide essential nutrients comfortably.

Our programs cater to patients’ desires for healthy eating, offering guidance, assistance, and nutritious options. By prioritizing a healthy food program, we impact physical and mental health, enhancing treatment reception, adherence, and outcomes. Natural, nutrient-dense foods avoid the negative effects of processed foods and promote overall well-being.

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Financial Predictability

Sourcing and inventory management are crucial for a foodservice program’s financial predictability. Budget integrity, menu development, production consistency, and patient satisfaction rely on these factors. Product availability and supplier service impact cost and quality. Patient experience is affected when menu items cannot be served due to supply chain issues, leading to negative perceptions. Limited delivery schedules and short orders complicate inventory management and cost recording.

Leveraging the scale of CCL and Foodbuy, the largest procurement organization in the U.S., clients benefit from improved, resource allocation, purchasing power, and operational costs. Predictability also supports regulatory compliance, enhanced hospitality and team member abilities which can increase referrals and deliver the highest return on investment.

Encouraging Connection & Community

Dining programs play a crucial role in fostering personal connections and building community. Each dining experience provides an opportunity for patients to come together, share meals, and engage in conversations. Through these shared meals, individuals form personal connections and support each other in their recovery journey, creating a sense of belonging and normalcy. We recognize that an established sense of community can help individuals overcome feelings of isolation often associated with addiction.

Additionally, we design our dining program to promote healthy eating habits and provide nutrition education, further enhancing physical and mental well-being. By providing a welcoming and inclusive dining environment, our program becomes a space where personal connections are nurtured, relationships are built, and the overall recovery community thrives.

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