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How We Provide Exceptional Dining
For Independent Residents At Sequoia Living

We Add Strategic Value

With the current economic environment challenges and shifting landscape, focus has been expanded from hospital beds to population health and continuum of care. With rising costs and talent competition, you need new strategies to address these issues and support your brand.

The dining program plays a strategic role – one that addresses the needs of patients, as well as employees, while supporting your population health commitment. This insight is the foundation for the strategy we refer to as Lead With Dining®.

Lead With Dining® combines nutrition, culinary, hospitality and food nutrition to support your quality care commitment. We support patient, staff and facility health by effectively deploying all of Lead With Dining’s benefits.

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MyDine, our patient-centered in-room dining program, which combines real-time service and personalized attention to enhance resident satisfaction and well-being. Beyond traditional room service, MyDine embodies our commitment to fresh thinking and culinary excellence, delivering exceptional dining experiences through unparalleled hospitality and advanced dietary management solutions.

At the core of MyDine is the Guest Services Representative (GSR), who oversees each patient’s dining and nutrition needs. The GSR acts as the central figure throughout the dining process, collaborating closely with nurses, dietitians, and chefs to address all patient dietary requirements. With personalized service from the GSR, there’s no need for caregiver intervention, phone calls, or confusion for the patient, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dining experience.

Personalized Dining Services

CCL tailors your dining systems to meet all of your specialized patient population needs. We meet nutritional requirements by integrating dietitians and culinarians, fostering collaboration and communication to create a nutrition, health, and wellness-centered culture.

Our guest service representatives support patient satisfaction with our in-room dining model by guiding patients through the order experience, empowering them to have control over their meals. Our menu options offer de-institutionalized, retail-oriented meals, with expanded varieties of cook-to-order healthy choices. To provide excellent service, we promptly serve hot and fresh meals in a room service-style manner.


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