Giving Independence Back to Residents through Dignified Dining


Providing Valuable Support to Your Community for Memory Care Dining. Nourishing Hearts and Building Community.

How We Provide Exceptional Dining
For Independent Residents At Sequoia Living


CCL supports individuals with memory impairment, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, through MemoryFare, the most advanced dining and nutrition solution for memory care.. This innovative dining and nutrition solutions program prioritizes progressive memory decline needs, focusing on food, nutrition, dining, and dignity. We provide an enjoyable experience by incorporating favorite dishes and aromas that stimulate memories daily.

Our memory care program encompasses celebrating individual milestones, designing appealing table settings and strategies for promoting oral intake providing varied service styles and engaging mealtime activities, emphasizing nourishment, and training team members. These efforts create a calm dining environment that encourages increased oral intake, independence, and preserves dignity.

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Memory Care Dining Solutions

We collaborated with experts to understand nutrition’s impact on brain health. MemoryFare based its innovative menu design on evidence-based research by Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo, the owner of Brain Health and Wellness Institute.

MemoryFare programs are custom tailored to your community. Our implementation team’s approach is based on criteria set forth by our Nutrition and Wellness and Culinary Research teams. You choose the components most suitable for your community to build a program that’s as unique as the residents it serves.

Our memory care dignified dining experience focuses on memory-supportive, brain and heart healthy menus. Our menus offer modified diets and mobile-friendly options to increase intake and prevent weight loss.

Enhanced Memory Care: Resident Engagement

MemoryFare programs provide residents with choice and flexibility through dining frameworks and diverse service models. Our innovative smallwares eliminate the need for plate guards, while specialized clothing protectors ensure dignity for all residents. We enhance the dining experience with inviting aromas and warm hand towels before each meal.

MemoryFare fosters team member and resident engagement, with activities designed to enhance daily enjoyment. Our comprehensive training focuses on soft skills and empathy, ensuring residents feel respected, understood, and appreciated. Effective communication extends beyond the dining room, connecting families and team members from all departments and organizational levels.

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