Providing Better Outcomes in Behavioral Health Through Nutrition


Delivering Measurable Results and Proper Nutrition for Recovery While Boosting Patient Experience Scores.

How We Provide Exceptional Dining
For Independent Residents At Sequoia Living

Nourishing the Mind & Body

Nutrition plays a significant role in mental health and well-being. Our nutrition and food services prioritize providing well-balanced and nourishing meals that support mental wellness. We incorporate evidence-based dietary practices and consider individual dietary needs and preferences to create a holistic approach to care. By nourishing the body with wholesome meals, we promote optimal brain function, energy levels, and overall mood stability.

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A Proactive Approach to Operations

We believe in driving a patient-centered experience through integrated patient dining programs. Our leadership team fosters a strong service culture, offering ongoing hospitality training, and staying attuned to patient and staff needs. Moreover, our expert teams excel in addressing cost controls, menu engineering, talent acquisition, facility design, and more, ensuring optimal performance in all aspects of foodservice. By doing so, we enhance our client’s brand, reputation, and bottom line.

Promoting & Enhancing Self-Care

We understand the impact of loneliness and isolation on mental health challenges. To combat this, our hospitality programs create opportunities for individuals to connect with others, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Through engaging group activities, support groups, and communal dining experiences, we strive to alleviate feelings of isolation and provide a platform for social interaction, contributing significantly to mental well-being.

Our focus on nutrition and self-care activities equips individuals with the tools and resources needed for their well-being. We educate them about the connection between nutrition and mental health, promote mindful eating practices, and offer guidance on healthy coping strategies.

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