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A Quality Hospitality Experience is One of the Most Important Aspects for Residents Considering Independent Living.

How We Provide Exceptional Dining
For Independent Residents At Sequoia Living

Exceptional Dining Experiences

We understand the importance of independence and embrace the diverse lifestyles of our residents. By offering a wide range of venue options – tableside restaurant experiences, inviting bistros, and convenient grab-and-go markets – we cater to individual preferences and schedules. Dedicated staff members prioritize hospitality, ensuring that every meal is a delightful experience. We recognize the role of technology in enhancing these experiences, seamlessly integrating it to streamline reservations, menu customization, and personalized service. Through our personalized dining programs, we strive to exceed expectations and foster a vibrant culinary culture within our communities.

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More than Just Great Food

We offer great food and a holistic approach to hospitality that caters to diverse lifestyles, wellness needs, and service styles. With highly trained chefs and certified dietitians, we ensure each culinary experience is tailored to the preferences and dietary requirements of our guests. Field engagement directors maintain the brand by overseeing marketing initiatives and ensuring visually appealing images. Our residents deserve what we’re committed to offering: Going beyond expectations and enhancing the vibrant independent living lifestyle.

A Collaborative Partnership

You’re in good company with CCL. We know successful partnerships are built upon foundations of listening, a deep desire to understand shared goals and objectives, and an ability to plan a meaningful way forward together. CCL excels in collaborations that provide access to resources and expertise, create exceptional dining experiences, make the greatest use of venues, implement design, procurement & quality assurance solutions, align strategic planning to meet expectations, and deliver remarkable service that exceeds expectations and enhances resident satisfaction.



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