Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation

How resident data provides Senior Living communities the capabilities to meet the evolving needs of baby boomers.
Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation 1

As the experts in hospitality trends, CCL Hospitality Group uses industry insights and audience analysis to arm senior living communities with the know-how and capabilities to meet the evolving needs and tastes of baby boomers.

The senior care and services industry has long been geared toward clientele seeking a comfortable and stable residence post-retirement or needing assistive care that is not obtainable in a private home setting. The notion that retirees desire to rest, eat early dinners that satisfy their preference for comfort foods and participate in activities that accommodate a more sedentary lifestyle was once the norm; after all, the very definition of to retire is to withdraw.

However, the expectations of senior living accommodations are shifting as the baby boomer generation is the now primary target demographic for continuing care retirement communities. The rule books of the past no longer apply. The discerning baby boomer generation is changing the game and setting the bar high for a more active and elevated adult living experience.

Why the focus shift?

With the natural progression to focus on the next generation of retirees seeking services, and baby boomers being the largest demographic segment that fits the target consumer criteria, this group of individuals is now the primary audience for active adult and senior living communities. Industry experts and thought leaders alike are shifting their position and having new conversations about how to best resonate with this generation. Such evolution requires understanding the characteristics and desires of baby boomers to deliver the most impactful senior living options and amenities.

Characteristics of baby boomers

Some of the most common characteristics of this generation have been shown to include:

Baby boomers are unique compared to preceding generations as they’ve experienced a more stable economy, social rights movements, and many technological advancements. Baby boomers are also often known as advocates for change, challenging social norms, and are more adaptable to their surroundings, poised to remove perceived notions and stigmas related to conventional aging lifestyle choices.

With improved health and longer life expectancies, retirement is looking quite different for this generation. Many are opting to work longer to help ensure a more financially stable future or looking to explore more entrepreneurial opportunities that relate to their personal interests. They also seek a more active, fulfilling and social lifestyle, prioritizing wellness initiatives and more personalized experiences. 

Key considerations for baby boomers and senior living

When choosing a senior living option, baby boomers have choices, including independent living, assisted living, and continuing care communities. They evaluate each to determine which best fits their needs and lifestyle desires. Some key considerations include:

  1. Health and wellness: Baby boomers seek to maintain their good health and wellness in their golden years, and the right senior living environment can help support this goal. The right senior living option can support healthy aging, from access to on-site health services to recreational activities and fitness programs.
  2. Location: The location of a senior living community can be a critical factor for baby boomers. Many want to stay close to family and friends, while others prefer to be in a location that offers a new and exciting lifestyle.
  3. Amenities and services: Baby boomers are looking for a senior living community that offers a range of amenities and services, including inspired culinary offerings, hospitality-driven experiences, housekeeping, and transportation. They also want communities that offer socialization, recreation, and entertainment.
  4. Socialization: Ideally, senior living provides opportunities for baby boomers to connect with others, form new relationships, and participate in various social and recreational activities.
How CCL Hospitality Group is key to meeting these evolving needs

Our team of experts work closely with partner communities to identify areas for improvement and implement innovative solutions that enhance the guest experience. We leverage our expertise in marketing analytics and strategic branding to help communities create an environment that appeals to baby boomers’ evolving tastes and expectations. Whether a community is looking to attract new residents, retain current ones, or improve its overall reputation, we provide tailored services to help senior care communities achieve their goals and amplify long-term success.

About CCL Hospitality Group

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