Optimizing Health and Nutrition through Nutrigenomics

Learn how nutrigenomics can transform your residents’ health journey by providing an individualized blueprint to help inform nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
Optimizing Health and Nutrition through Nutrigenomics 01

The DNA we inherit from our parents makes each of us unique, and has a huge impact on our health. Once scientists completed the Human Genome Project in 2003, they quickly started to investigate how diet and genes interact.1 As science has progressed, we have gained more insight into our genes and their impact on our lives, including how the foods we eat affect each one of us differently.

What is Nutrigenomics?

Nutrigenomics, also known as nutritional genomics,2 is a rapidly growing field that studies how individual genetic differences determine why some people respond differently from others to the same foods, beverages and supplements they consume. We now have a clearer picture that can help us make informed, personalized and effective nutritional recommendations.

From our DNA, we can better understand the most effective weight management strategies, risk of food intolerances and sensitivities, unique vitamin and mineral requirements, and our innate eating habits. It even provides insights on our physical activity, injury risks, and cardiometabolic health. Armed with this knowledge, we can help positively influence the lifestyle choices we make each day.

Empowering seniors through Nutrigenomix testing not only reveals hidden insights about their health, but also fosters a deeper understanding of their unique nutritional needs. As a registered dietitian, witnessing their curiosity turn into newfound knowledge is truly rewarding.

Stephanie Montevecchi RD
Director of Nutrition & Wellness
CCL Hospitality Group
How Does Nutrigenomics Impact Our Health?

Caffeine is widely consumed, and often considered a “necessity” for many of us! Some people can drink several cups of coffee without any immediate physical effects while others can’t handle more than a cup. Our genetics can reveal if someone is predisposed to be extra jittery or anxious when consuming caffeine, but the effects of caffeine are not limited to how it makes us feel.

A variation in the CYP1A2 gene can determine an individual’s ability to metabolize caffeine and how that can impact their risk of prediabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and even kidney disease. And the impact of this gene, cannot be felt! Only a genetic test can help determine if an individual is a “fast” or “slow” metabolizer of caffeine, and how much they should consume per day to optimize their health.

Nutrigenomics can also help us understand an individual’s risk of certain food sensitivities. We can better predict if an individual is gluten or lactose intolerant. Understanding this genetic risk allows for informed dietary choices and effective discussions with their healthcare provider about potential gastrointestinal concerns as well as other health conditions.

Nutrigenomics can also provide information about an individual’s risk of type 2 diabetes relating to whole grain intake and the risk of hypertension with sodium intake. We can also learn if someone is more likely to snack between meals, have a “sweet tooth,” or lose more weight when consuming a higher protein diet.

Intake of vitamins D and B12 are of particular concern for older adults as they are at an increased risk of these deficiencies.3 Interestingly, variations in certain genes can determine an individual’s risk for vitamin D or B12 deficiencies. By knowing this valuable information, practitioners can work with their clients to ensure they meet their requirements through food or supplementation as required.

Wouldn’t it be ideal to take out the guess work, and know the most successful path forward to optimize your health based on your genes? Knowing that we have an increased genetic risk of certain deficiencies or maybe require more or less of a specific nutrient, we can adjust our lifestyle to optimize health and well-being and reduce the likelihood of developing various health conditions or at the very least minimizing their impact.

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Our Partnership with Nutrigenomix Will Benefit Our Communities Across the Country

CCL Hospitality Group (CCL) has recently developed a new partnership with Nutrigenomix,4 a company that offers genetic testing for personalized nutrition and fitness. The Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy PhD, and Nutrigenomix’s International Science Advisory Board ensure that the Nutrigenomix test uses the most current and robust scientific evidence.

They want individuals to feel confident knowing that this testing will provide actionable and personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations to meet their health goals. With this new partnership, CCL is now able to offer Nutrigenomix’s services to our residents with the oversight of our team of registered dietitians.

Residents can now be tested and receive personalized nutrition and fitness recommendations based on their results. The test is a simple DNA test using a cheek swab that will help you understand what the optimal diet is for you, based on your genes!

Our partnership with Nutrigenomix helps our dietitians provide the personalized care and nutrition advice residents are looking for, as well as guide those individuals to set and meet their wellness goals. Compass dietitian and Nutritgenomix provider, Stephanie Montevecchi, shared her experience reviewing Nutrigenomix results with older adults, “Empowering seniors through Nutrigenomix testing not only reveals hidden insights about their health, but also fosters a deeper understanding of their unique nutritional needs. As a registered dietitian, witnessing their curiosity turn into newfound knowledge is truly rewarding.”

Learn more about our Nutrition and Wellness Team and the personalized care they are able to give our residents in communities across the country.

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