Data & Analytics

Optimizing Health and Nutrition through Nutrigenomics 01

Optimizing Health and Nutrition through Nutrigenomics

Learn how nutrigenomics can transform your residents’ health journey by providing an individualized blueprint to help inform nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.
Power Data

The Power of Data & Analytics

Discover how CCL's proprietary data aids our clients in attracting new customers, enhancing experiences, and achieving business objectives in senior living.
Transparent Pricing Strategy 02

Understanding the Importance of a Transparent Pricing Strategy

A transparent pricing strategy benefits senior living providers by providing accurate reliable forecasting and allowing for consistent billing and revenue flow planning, so they can make informed business decisions.

The Hub: Design Innovation

Learn how we transform your venues into destinations. Our creative, expert designers will guide you through the process to effectively brand venues or, more broadly, your hospitality program.
Comprehensive Management Information Systems

Improving Healthcare Operations with Comprehensive Management Information Systems

Discover how CCL Hospitality Group’s Healthcare division aligns MIS data with operations for measurable outcomes, enabling cost savings and data-driven decisions.

Redefining Adult Living Hospitality

Communities are incorporating and investing heavily in technology, design, and digital automation to create unique and personalized experiences to drive demand and increase occupancy.
Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation 1

Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation

How resident data provides Senior Living communities the capabilities to meet the evolving needs of baby boomers.