The Hub: Design Innovation

Learn how we transform your venues into destinations. Our creative, expert designers will guide you through the process to effectively brand venues or, more broadly, your hospitality program.
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What's Inside:

  • Using data to examine your consumers' buying habits
  • Improving your guest experience
  • Venue design and activation
  • Building your brand to effectively demonstrate personality, authenticity and consistency
  • Our process and integration of information
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Everyone has data; we know how to use it

Our team includes experts with backgrounds in computer science, economics, stats, cognitive science, market research and more. With this knowledge, we transform abstract data into valuable business intelligence, helping you uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and the information you need to power better-informed decisions.

Our data analytics can help inform your long-range business plans and investment strategies. You’ll know exactly how to maximize your investment funds, and then track the return on investment through increased guest satisfaction and occupancy.

With process improvement principles, we help streamline workflow to reduce waste and operational defects. This has been a highly effective way to identify specific actions we can take to improve service and reduce cost.

About The Hub

Your dining spaces are not just at the heart of your customer experience they reflect the essence of your cultural trademark. Cafes, dining rooms, coffee bars, convertible spaces, on-site restaurants, and pop-up venues all offer you the chance to attract visitors and care for your diners in your own unique way. To tell a story that’s uniquely yours. CCL Hospitality Group is the award-winning industry leader in contract hospitality services. If you need a new story, let our designers, culinarians and market experts transform your venues, your experience, and your business. Learn more here.

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