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How We Provide Exceptional Dining
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As we prepare for the rise of Gen X, which currently consists of 65.8 million individuals (about twice the population of California), they are expected to outnumber baby boomers by 2028. Understanding the Gen X profile and preferences is crucial as we design the future of your hospitality services to attract this key new generation.

Gen X is more independent, highly educated, and culturally diverse. Adults between the ages of 42 and 57 spend an average of nearly seven hours a week on social media, surpassing even younger generations. Regarding food choices, Gen X places a premium on taste and convenience while prioritizing a commitment to eating healthily.

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Celebrate culinary, culture, and community

Celebrating diversity and community, our Foodworks partnership collaborates with local restaurants, promoting authentic regional and international cuisines. We support small businesses, with a third of our restaurant partners being minority-owned and a quarter women-owned, reflecting our dedication to diversity and inclusion.

We unite a neighborhood’s heart and culinary essence under one roof by curating local dining experiences, creating camaraderie through digital cafes, catering events, and hosting pop-ups, food trucks, and marketplaces. Our scalable, frictionless, and personalized service is tailored to the guest’s experience at its core.

TECHNOLOGY: Leaps Forward

Technology improvements and innovations are foundational to creating best-of-class dining. We have access to a wide variety of technological solutions. Research shows that today’s seniors are becoming more and more tech-savvy. Older adults engage in online activities such as “liking” and commenting on social media; 14% are online once a day, 65% several times a day and 12% almost constantly.

CCL integrates technology for recruiting and marketing, ordering ahead or at a kiosk, and reporting with a disciplined approach to enhance your dining program and experience. We have the solutions, leadership and vision to create efficiency with simple-to-use technology.



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