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Elizabeth Kit

Elizabeth Kit is a communications manager for CCL Hospitality Group and Morrison Living.

Navigating Supply Chain

Navigating Supply Chain Challenges

Senior living has faced an array of challenges including uncertain economic forecasts and supply chain disruptions. Navigating these challenges with dedicated supply chain resources provides a variety of opportunities.
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Farm-to-Table in Senior Living: Better Food that Builds Community

Farm-to-table dining in senior living is more than just a trend—it's a commitment to providing the freshest, most nutritious ingredients while supporting local farmers and reducing environmental impact.
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Casey’s Pond Revitalizes Culinary Program and Enhances the Community Experience

In collaboration with Duet Hospitality, a dining partnership with Morrison Living revitalized the culinary program at Casey’s Pond Senior Living.
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Sustainability Practices in Senior Living: Cultivating Economic and Ecological Efficiency

Discover how a community in Palo Alto, California partnering with Morrison Living, a CCL Hospitality Group operating company, is enjoying the benefits of sustainability in senior living.
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Blakeford Senior Life Modernizes Dining and Improves Resident Satisfaction

By partnering with Morrison Living and The Hub, Blakeford prioritized venue renovations, resulting in an optimized workflow, improved resident satisfaction, and positioning the community for future occupancy.
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How Robson Senior Living Reduced their Turnover Rate and Streamlined their Operations

Robson Senior Living was able to utilize strategic resources that provide innovative dining and talent solutions that puts them on track to becoming a top hospitality employer in their market.

Redefining Adult Living Hospitality

Communities are incorporating and investing heavily in technology, design, and digital automation to create unique and personalized experiences to drive demand and increase occupancy.
Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation 1

Adapting to the Evolving Tastes of the Baby Boomer Generation

How resident data provides Senior Living communities the capabilities to meet the evolving needs of baby boomers.
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Masonic Pathways Enhances Resident Nutrition & Wellness

Powered by Morrison Living, Masonic Pathways’ partnership with CCL Hospitality Group provides the community with access to a range of resources that enhance resident nutrition, wellness, and satisfaction.