Masonic Pathways Enhances Resident Nutrition & Wellness

Powered by Morrison Living, Masonic Pathways’ partnership with CCL Hospitality Group provides the community with access to a range of resources that enhance resident nutrition, wellness, and satisfaction.
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Consistent partnership to ensure that meeting resident needs remains a top priority



Access to a wide range of industry-leading resources to enhance resident nutrition and wellness

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Gained access to a team of licensed clinical professionals to support nutrition


Masonic Pathways is a nonprofit senior living community in Michigan. They partner with CCL to provide Morrison Living dining and hospitality services to their residents. The partnership is successful on multiple fronts for the community.

Robin Whitmore, CEO of Masonic Pathways in Michigan, acknowledges that executing a successful and delicious dining and hospitality program on your own as an independent, self-operated facility is difficult, to say the least. So, when she transitioned to the role of CEO in 2022 from a different leadership role, her team made the decision to renew the long-standing partnership.

This provided Masonic Pathways a solid foundation to continue building on their vision to enhance lives by continually innovating and deepening their commitment to excellence.


As a Registered Nurse with deep experience, Robin recognizes that nutrition and wellness is at the core of resident satisfaction. She sought to preserve smooth continuity with a solution that ensured this remained her community’s top priority while also engaging in a dining space transformation.

Morrison Living’s expertise and industry-leading knowledge in delivering great senior living hospitality services played a vital role.

Collaboration with our hospitality partner is vital to meeting our residents’ needs. That, after all, is why we are here. Morrison Living consistently partners with us to ensure that remains our top priority.

Robin Whitmore, RN, MSN, MBA
CEO | Masonic Pathways

Choosing a partnership with Morrison Living provided more than just registered dietitians to Masonic Pathways. It opened the door for an expert clinical team to be able to focus on resident needs and implement a proactive approach to providing high quality care.

In an era when many senior living communities are facing economic pressures due to inflation, Morrison Living’s leadership collaborated with Masonic Pathways to look at opportunities to continue providing top notch resident services but do so even more cost-effectively.

Robin added “They were very astute and did a great job. This helped us in the long-term to continue driving great care.”

Understanding how it would provide a “wow factor” to do a dining space renovation, this part of the collaboration helped them to increase their marketability to future residents.


With this collaborative partnership, Robin shared that her team is able to be more forward-looking and keep facilitating ongoing resident input into their dining.

Adding “This is their home and it’s important to them,” emphasizing that their daily experience needs to be as positive as possible, and looking for opportunities to consider what is most important to them is paramount.


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