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The Heart of Hospitality

Recruitment Strategies

Our hiring philosophy is rooted with a deep commitment to caring for the individuals who will care for your residents. We take great pride in delivering the finest dining experiences, which is why we never outsource staffing. Our dedicated team of recruiters at CCL diligently scours for the best-fit talent, ensuring effective matches based on unique skill sets and professional experience for every role within our teams. Whether it involves transitioning existing employees or introducing new members, our hiring specialists prioritize specific talents, work history, and career aspirations that align with our mission of excellence in dining services.

Leveraging the full capabilities of Compass Group’s talent pool pipeline, we execute a proactive recruitment strategy to attract the best and brightest, even in competitive and challenging hiring markets. Through a combination of traditional and nontraditional methods, we are committed to providing and maintaining the exceptional staffing needed to uphold our commitment to excellence in dining services.

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Workforce Management

As your trusted partner, we recognize the honor of being invited into the homes and lives of your residents, and we place immense value on maintaining that special relationship. We actively seek team members who share this sentiment, individuals who genuinely care about serving others and possess a can-do attitude, driven by our shared passion for creating exceptional and memorable dining experiences. To ensure that our team members are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to surpass your expectations, we provide a vast network of continuing education opportunities, offering various training programs tailored to their needs, whether it be service techniques, culinary skills, or safety training.

Our reputation as a preferred employer allows us to attract top talent, but it is our vibrant culture, employee benefits, and generous reward and recognition programs that play a pivotal role in retaining these gifted individuals. By investing in the success and well-being of our team members, we successfully reduce turnover, ultimately leading to lower recruitment costs.

We firmly believe that our people are our most valuable asset, and when we prioritize their care and growth, they, in turn, are motivated to provide exceptional care and service to you and your residents.

Team Member Onboarding

Recognizing the importance of a positive onboarding experience in fostering employee retention, our robust onboarding process is designed to instill our culture, values, and community’s success into every team member. Strong leadership and a commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our success, and we prioritize continuous learning and growth for all employees.

Through CCL’s Onboarding Management Program and Toolkit, managers receive comprehensive training in all aspects of our business, ensuring they are well-prepared to lead their teams effectively. We also offer a fun and interactive two-day culture immersion orientation for all new team members, creating a welcoming environment and helping them integrate smoothly into our community.

For frontline employees, we go the extra mile by providing a tailored orientation exclusively for them. Our culinary leadership team ensures that each associate is trained comprehensively in all culinary operations and job specifications, making them feel valued and prepared to excel in their roles. Additionally, we ensure they attend your orientation and any necessary trainings to ensure a seamless and successful onboarding process.

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