Nosh: Kosher & Jewish-lifestyle Dining Solutions

Nosh provides comprehensive dining solutions for senior living communities that cater to Jewish residents, including culinary programs, food markets, kitchen and venue design, and staff training.
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What's Inside:

  • Grab-&-Go Retail Markets
  • Cafes & Bistros
  • Case Study: Gurwin Healthcare System
  • Jewish Holiday & Operational Guides
  • Staff Development & Culture Training
  • Kosher vs. Jewish-Lifestyle Diets
  • The Hub: Experts in Kosher Design
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Nosh market presents three valuable opportunities:

Resident Satisfaction
In addition to granting residents greater flexibility and autonomy, this approach opens up a fresh avenue for social interaction beyond the standard dining areas, which usually adhere to fixed schedules. As a result, residents can enjoy a diverse array of fresh, familiar, high-quality food choices on demand.

Financial Achievement
This innovative market approach not only creates an additional revenue stream, but drives financial margins with minimal additional staffing. With the exception of the bakery area and café counter service, residents can serve themselves, taking the time they need to make their selections.

Advanced Food Preparation and Real-Time Inventory Monitoring
This is key to driving financial performance. Once we analyze residents’ purchasing patterns, Nosh Markets optimize the process of traditional to-go order fulfillment, benefiting both staff and residents.

About CCL Hospitality Group

CCL Hospitality Group is a nationwide leader in culinary and support services with four distinct operational companies – Morrison Living, Unidine, Coreworks, and The Hub. We provide modern world-class hospitality infrastructure, talent, and innovation. We are shaping the industry’s future leaders with a culture of service focused on elevated hospitality offerings for community living across the country. Learn more here.

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