Supply Chain

Sustainability Practices in Senior Living: Cultivating Economic and Ecological Efficiency

Discover how a community in Palo Alto, California partnering with Morrison Living, a CCL Hospitality Group operating company, is enjoying the benefits of sustainability in senior living.

The Power of Consistent Supply Chain Standards in Behavioral Health

Consistent practices benefit recovery facilities by reducing costs, ensuring safety, and enhancing patient well-being.
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Could Your Community Benefit From a Hospitality Partnership?

The benefits of a hospitality partnership for senior living communities are often an unmapped area of opportunity for providers.

Inflation & Supply Chain and Its Effects on Senior Living

Senior Living's response to economic trends, industry shifts, and resident expectations amidst change.
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The 5 Most Common Supply Chain Challenges in Senior Living Hospitality

With shortages and rising food costs, Senior Living providers face numerous challenges to maintain a smooth and efficient supply chain for their communities.