Could Your Community Benefit From a Hospitality Partnership?

The benefits of a hospitality partnership for senior living communities are often an unmapped area of opportunity for providers.
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Whether you manage a continuing care retirement community (CCRC), independent or assisted living facility, or a combination of long-term care, a hospitality partnership with us at CCL Hospitality Group offers many benefits that can increase resident satisfaction while improving operational efficiencies. At CCL, we focus on prioritizing the needs of our customers and aim to create unforgettable experiences for them through exceptional service and hospitality. Our ultimate goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients.

The benefits of a hospitality partnership with CCL Hospitality Group:

Better quality of life for residents
One of the most significant benefits of a hospitality partnership with us is the positive impact it can have on the quality of life for your residents. CCL Hospitality Group specializes in creating welcoming and comfortable environments for an exceptional dining experience, and we understand how to cater to different populations’ unique needs and preferences. 

Flexible and customizable services
Whether you’re looking for full-service hospitality support or a la carte services, a trusted hospitality partner like us can help you design a program that meets your needs and budget.

Unique & memorable experiences
Another benefit of a hospitality partnership with CCL Hospitality Group is that we excel in crafting tailor-made experiences. Whether you want to organize a special event, activity, or excursion, our team can help you design and execute an experience customized to your residents’ interests and needs.

Advisory Council
Our team is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of care, attention, and support. By partnering with us, you can expect complete transparency and insights into.

Enhanced community environment
A hospitality partner like us can help you create an inviting atmosphere that fosters social interaction and promotes a sense of community. This can be especially beneficial for residents who are new to your community or who may be struggling with feelings of isolation or loneliness. Another benefit of a hospitality partnership with CCL is having access to a wide range of expertise and resources. Your organization can tap into these and leverage them to improve the overall quality of services offered to your residents.

Improved resident satisfaction
By leveraging our personalized services and amenities, your residents are more likely to feel valued and engaged, leading to increased loyalty and retention.

Increased operational efficiency
CCL Hospitality Group brings a wealth of experience in managing complex operations in the hospitality industry. When you partner with us, we will help you streamline operations and reduce costs while improving the overall quality of services provided to your residents.

Opportunities to focus on other areas
Another benefit of a hospitality partnership with us is that you no longer have to tackle the manage challenges of hospitality and supply chain management alone. This enables you to shift your focus to other areas or departments within your organization, which helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Stand out from the competition
In a highly competitive market, retirement communities must differentiate themselves by offering unique and personalized experiences to their residents. Partnering with us enables you to offer a range of amenities and services that help you stand out from your competitors and increase occupancy.

Promoting supplier diversity
CCL Hospitality Group has direct access to Foodbuy, the leading food service procurement organization in the US. This offers the benefit of customized supply chain and procurement solutions. With a focus on delivering fresh local products and creating transparent data reports to improve efficiency, this strategic partnership also helps to promote healthier food choices, reduce environmental impact, and foster supplier diversity.

Why work with CCL Hospitality Group?

We understand that every community is unique, and as such, our approach is tailored to meet the community’s specific needs and expectations.

At CCL Hospitality Group, we work closely with your leadership team to combine our hospitality expertise with your operational requirements, laying the foundation for a collaborative partnership. This enables us to establish measurable targets, both short-term and long-term, and performance metrics to ensure we achieve your quality and satisfaction standards. 

Exceptional Hospitality, Driven by Industry-Leading Expertise

Discover the Benefits of a Hospitality Partnership with CCL

About CCL Hospitality Group

CCL Hospitality Group is a nationwide leader in culinary and support services with four distinct operational companies – Morrison Living, Unidine, Coreworks, and The Hub. We provide modern world-class hospitality infrastructure, talent, and innovation. We are shaping the industry’s future leaders with a culture of service focused on elevated hospitality offerings for community living across the country. Learn more here.

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