Beaumont Commons Uses New Tech to Solve Age-Old Communication and Efficiency Challenges

The staff at Beaumont Commons senior living community use Relay devices to improve the quality of service for their residents and operational efficiency.
Beaumont Case Study


In "Happy Index" one month after roll out



Relay is a innovative platform that combines hardware, cloud software, and mobile connectivity



In "Happy Index" three months after roll out


Beaumont Commons in Dearborn, Michigan is a senior living community with a history that dates back to 1991. It has a reputation for being a friendly, close-knit community.

The Dining Services team at Beaumont Commons had long struggled to coordinate and communicate consistently between its two kitchens, which reside in separate buildings. Beaumont Commons chose Relay, the cloud platform for frontline teams, to help them improve their operational efficiency.


According to Rose Jurgensen, Director of Dining Services, Beaumont Commons started using Relay devices – powerful digital-age radios – to help colleagues in different buildings stay on the same page.

Prior to using Relay, staff didn’t even have walkie-talkies, instead using their personal cell phones to communicate. Now they have modern devices that bridge gaps and keep people connected, communicate without range issues and help leaders optimize performance.

Teamwork and communication have improved noticeably at Beaumont Commons, Jurgensen says, while meal deliveries have grown more prompt. Dining Services team members now send more than 200 voice messages per week and have shared more than 5,000 since launching with Relay.

We have one main kitchen and a separate kitchen in another building where food gets delivered. We were so busy in the main kitchen that we weren’t answering phone calls. People had to walk all the way over here, and they would end up standing here waiting for the food to be cooked.

Rose Jurgensen
Director of Dining Services | Beaumont Commons
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The staff now have modern devices that bridge gaps and keep people connected

Efficiency is on the rise at Beaumont Commons these days. Awkward mix-ups no longer lead to late arriving meals. Staff from the second kitchen no longer stand around waiting for orders to be ready.

“We used to have huge delays just because of communication,” Jurgensen says. “Now they just Relay to us in the main kitchen that they need something and, by the time they come to get it, it’s already ready. Relay has been a huge time saver, a step saver.”

Likewise, when Beaumont Commons staff members run out of something in one building, they can Relay the other to check on inventory before needlessly going back and forth.

Jurgensen says the shift toward proactive communication has made a world of difference. “Now our team members are able to check on each other. Supervisors can check in and say ‘Is there anything you need?’ before they make their rounds.”

Beaumont Commons has also experienced the benefits of Relay devices by leveraging communications with the dining room team. This includes communication between servers, the kitchen, dining room supervisor, and the team member who greets and seats guests.

Since introducing Relay to the team, the back of house and front of house teams have been able to stay in closer communication which has led to better coordination and cooperation between teams. This has resulted in quicker response times for resident requests to provide a better dining experience.

Resident feedback to the change has also been positive. “They noticed that we’re using these devices,” says Jurgensen. “They understand the reason and see the value as well.” Since rolling out with Relay, Beaumont commons has experienced increases in their resident satisfaction scores.

Since introducing Relay to the team, both back and front-of-house have been able to stay in closer communication

We have a lot of young employees, and, for them, Relay devices were another gadget that they were excited about. I didn’t have to twist any arms.

Rose Jurgensen
Director of Dining Services | Beaumont Commons

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