Prioritizing Resident Safety & Well-being: Unarmed Security for Senior Living Communities

Discover how Coreworks' security services are committed to fostering a secure environment, tailored to the unique needs of each community.
Prioritizing Resident Safety & Well being

At Coreworks, we understand that safety and security are paramount concerns for senior living environments. As part of CCL Hospitality Group (CCL), our mission is to provide comprehensive support services that create a comfortable and nurturing environment for residents. And security isn’t solely about physical safety and overall situational awareness – it’s a service that also greatly influences the psychological well-being of residents.

Prioritizing safety in your community is about so much more than a well-planned infrastructure with preventative elements which are commonplace – for example handrails in highly trafficked common areas for ease of mobility, slip resistant flooring in resident rooms and throughout the facility – it’s also a key factor to maintaining a high level of resident satisfaction.

Our unarmed security personnel play a pivotal role in offering that personalized and delicate balance between safety, and a reassuring presence for your residents. Unlike armed counterparts, our professionals emphasize communication and de-escalation, encouraging a harmonious atmosphere that aligns with the unique requirements of aging adults, no matter their level of personal autonomy or care program.

Without the imposing presence of weapons, unarmed security members contribute to a warm and inviting community. Residents feel more at ease, viewing these professionals not just as guards, but as friendly faces, an extended part of your team members, which residents already feel connected to, promoting a greater sense of camaraderie within your facility.

Successful Implementation of Unarmed Security in Senior Living Communities

The focus of our unarmed security service extends beyond physical safety anticipation. Trained in effective communication and de-escalation techniques, our professionals can defuse potential conflicts or misunderstandings without resorting to force, fostering an environment where seniors feel respected and understood.

Armed security can sometimes inadvertently intimidate seniors. With our unarmed security approach, a non-threatening appearance, reduces feelings of fear or anxiety among residents. This approachable presence enhances the overall quality of life for seniors, allowing them to navigate their living spaces without unnecessary stress or confusion.

When we integrate security team members into our communities, we pay close attention to the communication strategies used to interact with residents that can create a genuine sense of home and safety.

Key considerations Coreworks thoroughly and rigorously train our security team members on include:

  1. Friendly and Approachable Demeanor: It is essential to always maintain a warm and approachable demeanor. Greeting residents with a smile and a hello helps make them feel comfortable, seen and respected.
  2. Active Listening: Attentively listening and making eye contact with residents is crucial for the success of onsite security programs. Whether it’s a casual conversation or addressing a concern, security personnel are skilled at actively listening to ensure they clearly understand residents’ needs and preferences.
  3. Clear Verbal Communication: Speaking in a clear and concise manner when communicating with residents, no matter the conversation, such as providing directions, answering questions or concerns, but especially while explaining community safety protocols is vital.
  4. Empathy and Compassion: Unarmed security professionals recognize that seniors may have unique challenges and potentially a wide range of concerns they’d may wish to express. Interactions are approached with empathy, understanding and genuine compassion.
  5. Emergency Procedures: In the unfortunate event an emergency should arise, our security personnel are trained to communicate calmly, clearly and efficiently to take the necessary steps to bring residents to safety, provide instructions, and coordinate with other team members so residents feel fully supported and calm in to help minimize distress or confusion.
  6. Building Relationships: Coreworks’ unarmed security officers are encouraged as part of their training to build authentic positive relationships with residents. Learning their names and individual routines helps to build trust and strengthen the overall sense of community.

Unarmed security team members play a vital role in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment, by following these communication strategies in all their interactions with both residents and fellow team members.

With intentional training to understand the needs and vulnerabilities of your senior residents, our security personnel are immediately better equipped to adapt to the unique needs within each community they serve. Whether it’s assisting with mobility challenges or offering a friendly escort, their role extends beyond traditional security to encompass a holistic approach to each residents’ well-being.

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Respecting Resident Privacy

Even within the realm of security, concerns about privacy and adaptability are of the utmost importance. At Coreworks, we acknowledge and address these common worries head-on, highlighting the delicate balance needed to ensure residents’ privacy, while maintaining a dynamic security system that can quickly adapt to evolving needs.

Understanding and addressing these concerns are crucial steps towards creating a truly secure and comfortable environment in your community. So for us, balancing security with respect for privacy is crucial.

Our advanced security systems are designed to prioritize privacy, while still providing the necessary level of protection. We employ discreet monitoring techniques and implement stringent access control measures to safeguard residents’ personal spaces while ensuring their overall safety.

As the expectations of senior living residents continue to evolve, so do the level of security measures needed to have in place. Coreworks offers a nimble and adaptable security system tailored to address the changing requirements of any community. Our professionals undergo regular training to stay updated on the latest techniques and best practices, ensuring they can effectively respond to the shifting dynamics within your facility.

About Coreworks

Coreworks was founded in response to the changing needs of senior living, behavioral health and healthcare industries calling for enhanced attention to infection control, technology, quality control, and high-level regulatory compliance. Coreworks maintains an exclusive focus on environmental cleaning and support services with a purpose-driven mission that aims to maintain the health and viability of your teams and the communities they serve. Learn more here.

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