CCL is Named a Top Food Service Management Company to Watch 2023

CCL is proud to be the recipient and cover feature of CIO Coverage Magazine's Top Food Service Management Company to Watch in 2023.
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BOSTON, MA – CCL is proud to be the recipient and cover feature of CIO Coverage Magazine’s Top Food Service Management Company to Watch in 2023. This results from our continued delivery of a service-focused culture, leadership and engagement, and positive customer experiences. These key pillars put CCL out in front as a world-class outsourcing organization. 

CCL has modernized its approach to offer unique and unconventional solutions that focus on innovative solutions that allow retirement and recovery communities to differentiate their dining programs in a competitive market. Taking a client-centered approach, CCL builds relationships through dedication, transparency, honesty, and the work of our teams, making CCL a collaborative extension of the client’s operations. 

CCL’s most significant competitive advantage is the expertise and dedication of its team. Upholding a culture built on service excellence, the organization is committed to guiding team members to become masters of their craft and developing custom solutions for an ever-evolving client base. 

Our team members are a critical part of our current and future successes, and my approach from day one has been to recognize our people are our core and to ensure each team member knows we are supporting their personal and professional success in addition to CCL’s.

Dan Natterman
CEO | CCL Hospitality Group

Leveraging the team’s talents, the scale of the company’s resources, and results-oriented business solutions help CCL differentiate itself as a top food service management company. To read the full feature story, click here

About CCL Hospitality Group

CCL Hospitality Group is a nationwide leader in culinary and support services with four distinct operational companies – Morrison Living, Unidine, Coreworks, and The Hub. We provide modern world-class hospitality infrastructure, talent, and innovation. We are shaping the industry’s future leaders with a culture of service focused on elevated hospitality offerings for community living across the country. Learn more here.

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