Gurwin Enriches the Resident Experience by Honoring Faith-Based Traditions

Gurwin collaborated with Unidine and The Hub to introduce a new Nosh Market & Bistro within their flagship nursing and rehabilitation center, enriching the resident experience while honoring faith-based traditions.
Case Study: Gurwin X CCL


Faith-based culinary customizations offer a meaningful dining experience through thoughtfully crafted traditional meals



A customer-centric approach prioritizes personalized experiences and increases resident satisfaction



The resident experience is enriched with a commitment to faith-based culinary traditions, with variety to appeal to all residents regardless of faith


Gurwin Healthcare System is a mission-based, non-profit organization in Commack, NY, nestled on a sprawling 36-acre campus in the heart of Long Island. Founded in 1988, they provide a wide range of senior living and specialized healthcare services.

Their collaboration with Unidine, an operating company within CCL Hospitality Group, has elevated the resident experience.

Their unwavering commitment to honor faith-based traditions in their hospitality program is evident and they have recently inaugurated a new Nosh Market & Bistro within their flagship nursing and rehabilitation center.

Stuart B. Almer, President and CEO, recognized their need to “change and delve deeper into a hospitality focused approach to customer service,” noting that “many in senior living have realized the need to do so in a very competitive market.”

Gurwin selected Unidine for their hospitality partnership, feeling it was the right fit to serve the needs of their diverse residents.

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With their commitment to honoring faith-based traditions and respecting dietary preferences, Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is not only a kosher community but also follows Glatt kosher standards.

Central to moving toward a finer focus on hospitality, Gurwin partnered with Unidine to open a Nosh Market & Bistro in their nursing and rehabilitation center on their main campus.

Described by Stuart as having a “trendy and current” vibe reminiscent of a neighborhood coffee shop, the Nosh Market & Bistro has become a focal point for residents to gather and enjoy an exceptional dining experience outside of the customary on-campus dining.

This sentiment underscores the importance of adapting to the evolving expectations of senior living and offering more delicious meals in a variety of settings for all customers to enjoy.

The environment of the Nosh Market is extremely comfortable and truly meets the lifestyle needs of a changing senior living community.

Stuart B. Almer
President & CEO | Gurwin Healthcare System
NoshMarket019 Updated 2
Nosh Bistro offers residents freshly prepared baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and more

Thanks to the partnership with Unidine, Gurwin has been able to provide an excellent customer service experience with a strong emphasis on hospitality.

The collaboration has allowed them to elevate their events, offering not only fine china and beautifully presented food, but also a memorable experience for attendees.

Stuart, who attends numerous special events within the community, notes, “Seeing how others enjoy it and that the experience matters to them is important.”

He emphasizes that such experiences are essential to an event’s success, highlighting the impact that a focus on exceptional customer service and hospitality has on the overall community satisfaction.

The partnership between Gurwin Healthcare System and Unidine exemplifies the successful integration of culinary innovation, faith-based customization, and a hospitality-focused approach in senior living.

Through Nosh and other initiatives, Gurwin continues to evolve, recognizing the importance of embracing change and exceeding the expectations of their diverse and discerning community.

NoshMarket017 Updated
Nosh Market provides residents a grab-and-go retail experience

Unidine has done a great job with the service they provide our community.

Stuart B. Almer
President & CEO | Gurwin Healthcare System

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