Nosh: Kosher & Jewish-lifestyle Dining for Senior Living

Nosh is a comprehensive culinary philosophy designed specifically for residents who follow kosher and Jewish-lifestyle diets.
Nosh Jewish-lifestyle and Kosher Dining

Through our unwavering dedication to culturally faith-based inclusivity, CCL Hospitality Group (CCL) strives to foster authentic hospitality experiences through skillfully crafting customized menus that pay tribute to a wide variety of diverse backgrounds.

Collaboratively working in senior living communities across the country, our culinary teams and nutritionists are experts at ensuring nutritional requirements are met and health related restrictions are adhered to – while providing exceptional hospitality experiences each and every day.  

Acknowledging the profound importance of preserving the traditions of all faiths, our recipes are thoughtfully designed to celebrate and honor the rich tapestry of diverse backgrounds, delivering a strong sense of identity and belonging through the medium of food.

In our kosher and observant communities, we aim to preserve our Jewish residents’ sense of identity and belonging through food and tradition. Today, nearly six million Jews, approximately 40% of the world’s Jewish population, live in the United States.1

All of our culinary artisans take great pride in creating menus that pay homage to the deep-rooted history entwined with Jewish cuisine, tradition and dietary laws.

It is critical that our culinarians understand and are well trained to provide our Jewish communities with dining and celebratory experiences that encompass religious, cultural, and national elements derived from biblical mitzvot, rabbinic mandates, and the rich history of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

Composition with symbolic Passover, Pesach, items and meal on stone background,
CCL always aligns to the guidelines and specific rules of the community’s supervising Rabbi or Head Mashgiach
Kosher and Jewish-Lifestyle Dining, Markets, and Bistros

The journey in creating Nosh, our faith-based dining program honoring Judaism’s heritage, provided us with an incredible opportunity to take a deep dive into the traditions and values that define Jewish practice.

Our Nosh culinary concepts support our communities with the ability to consistently uphold traditions and practices including festivals and holidays commonly observed by the Jewish community.2 Both front-of-house and back-of-house staff possess a comprehensive understanding of the vital role that cuisine, food preparation and handling, and service play in honoring Judaism.

With Nosh, we embrace the distinctive flavors and time-honored traditions that resonate with our Jewish residents, forming the bedrock for a strong sense of community and connection.

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Kosher & Jewish-Lifestyle Dining, Markets, and Bistros for Senior Living.
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What Traditions are Observed in Jewish Cuisine?

Incorporating Nosh Dining is a collaborative effort, aligning to the guidelines and specific rules of the community’s supervising Rabbi or Head Mashgiach. A comprehensive review of our kosher culinary guides, holiday observance references and training on the dietary laws of kashrut are critical tools to delivering successful celebrations creating lasting memories.

This training encompasses every aspect of Jewish culture, including the etiquette for food service, skillful plating of silverware and tableware, particularly during the festivals observed throughout the Hebrew calendar.

Our comprehensive training for our culinary and dining teams include:

Our dining services team members play a vital role in upholding consistent compliance with Jewish dietary laws. This includes ensuring adherence when guests and residents place orders, during catering events and activities.

Passover Seder plate with traditional food on served table
Our team members are trained on the history and background of kosher dietary laws, including Orthodox, Reform, and non-Jewish observance
What is the Difference Between Kosher and Jewish-Lifestyle Diets?

Kosher diets are based on traditions of the Jewish religion and follow the customs of Jewish law. These laws are found within the Torah, a sacred text used in the Jewish religion. They provide an outline of which foods are allowed, as well as how foods must be produced, processed and prepared prior to consumption.

Many Jews grew up following the laws of kosher and continue to do so today as a religious mandate. Other Jewish people follow kosher laws to preserve tradition and Jewish identity. Faith-based senior living communities provide varying degrees of this diet for their residents so that they may continue to actively observe the type of diet of their choice.

As our society and culture has evolved, some senior living communities have transitioned to more of a Jewish-lifestyle diet. This allows our culinary and dining teams to continue honoring Jewish traditions, while providing increased flexibility for residents and senior living operators.

However, kosher is not just about the food itself, but also the preparation of the food. The Hebrew translation literally meansfit or proper” for consumption. All meat and dairy products must be kept separate, inclusive of preparation, production, and service.

There are three main categories included in a traditional kosher diet:

  1. Meat: Mammals or fowl, as well as products derived from them
  2. Dairy: Milk, cheese, butter and yogurt
  3. Pareve: Any food that is not meat or dairy, including fish, eggs and plant-based foods

Jewish cuisine is profoundly intertwined with tradition and symbolism. This extends to the specific details of tableware and plate settings as well as serving timing throughout the meal, particularly during holidays. Though our modern busy lives frequently call for increased adaptability, maintaining the rich traditions of Jewish culture and history is critically important to ensuring dietary observance.

Many senior living communities now experiencing a shift in resident preferences and expectations, have begun offering Jewish-lifestyle diets.

This allows flexibility to individual needs and dietary preferences. For example, some communities may not utilize kosher meat, but do not allow pork or shellfish. Other communities may continue to separate dairy and meat, while others will combine the two types of foods during a single meal.

In each of these vibrant communities, holidays are celebrated with a delightful array of traditional cultural Jewish cuisine. While not all of these delectable dishes adhere strictly to Kosher guidelines, they remain an integral part of the festivities.

It is up to each community to determine what resonates most with their residents. Utilizing a Jewish-lifestyle diet offers flexibility, while honoring faith-based traditions, and can also provide senior living operators with an opportunity to find greater cost efficiencies.

NOSH LP 01 03
The debut of our Nosh Market concept at LeadingAge 2023
How Nosh Markets Create Flexibility and a New Revenue Stream

While providing residents with greater flexibility and autonomy when it comes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options, as part of the Nosh Dining Program, our chef-curated Nosh Market offers on-site food prepared by our certified trained culinarians. These offerings adhere to the same practices and standards as the kosher meals served in the resident dining spaces.

In addressing the unique and modern needs of our Jewish communities, we considered various factors for Nosh Market.

We envisioned a retail space, thoughtfully curated with a selection of items catered to convenience and resident preferences. Simultaneously, we aimed to create a welcoming environment that encourages socialization and connection among residents and guests.

Nosh Market presents three valuable opportunities:

  1. Resident Satisfaction: In addition to granting residents greater dining flexibility, this venue addition opens up a new avenue for social interaction beyond the standard dining areas, which usually adhere to fixed schedules. As a result, residents can enjoy a diverse array of fresh, familiar, high-quality food choices at their fingertips.
  2. Financial Achievement: This innovative market approach not only creates an untapped revenue stream but drives financial margins with minimal additional staffing. With the exception of the bakery area and café counter service, residents can serve themselves, allowing all the time they need to make their choices.
  3. Advanced Food Preparation & Real-Time Inventory Monitoring: Once we analyze residents’ purchasing patterns, Nosh Markets optimize the process of traditional to-go order fulfillment, benefiting both staff and residents, while driving financial performance.
The Hub: Experts in Kosher Design

Innovation goes beyond the architecture of menus and diets to incorporate design and deliver on lifestyle commitments. In some partner communities, we have been able to utilize CCL’s award-winning internal design company, The Hub, to propose kitchen modifications to offer either Jewish-lifestyle or strictly Kosher diets.

In addition to the creative delineation of separated cooking spaces for example, with The Hub, communities can offer a unique level of personalized dining and kitchen operational strategies for whichever diet best meets the needs of their population.

Your dining spaces are not just at the heart of your resident experience – they reflect the essence of your cultural trademark. Implementing our Nosh Dining Program and a Nosh Market into your community requires a knowledgeable team of experts who understand Jewish cuisine, traditions and dietary laws inside and out.

Our designers, culinarians, and market experts can elevate your dining venues, the resident experience, and your business by partnering with you and your community to ensure you meet the needs of your residents and will help ensure you deliver on your operational KPIs. The Hub is comprised of a team of industry-leading experts with decades of experience.

The Hub team:

About CCL Hospitality Group

CCL Hospitality Group is a nationwide leader in culinary and support services with four distinct operational companies – Morrison Living, Unidine, Coreworks, and The Hub. We provide modern world-class hospitality infrastructure, talent, and innovation. We are shaping the industry’s future leaders with a culture of service focused on elevated hospitality offerings for community living across the country. Learn more here.

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