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Melissa Boccio

Melissa Boccio is the Senior Communications Manager with CCL Hospitality Group.

Guide: Technology & Innovation

Technology & Innovation

Meeting the demands of tomorrow's residents requires implementing technology innovations today. Learn how CCL Hospitality Group's technology partnerships elevate the Senior Living experience.
Full Life for Memory Care Patients3 2

The Impact that Dining Can Have on Living a Full Life for Memory Care Patients

A structured dining routine, with consistent timing and familiar surroundings, can help reduce confusion and provide a sense of calm, improving the residents' overall experience.
Comprehensive Management Information Systems

Improving Healthcare Operations with Comprehensive Management Information Systems

Discover how CCL Hospitality Group’s Healthcare division aligns MIS data with operations for measurable outcomes, enabling cost savings and data-driven decisions.
Embracing Technology 1

Embracing Technology for an Enhanced Senior Living Experience

Revolutionizing Senior Living: Cut costs, improve service, and attract tech-savvy baby boomers. From robots to smart kitchens, a new era in senior care is here.

Opportunities & Career Growth in Hospitality: One Team Member’s Story

We recently sat down with Mike DeCarlo, Director of Dining Services with Morrison Living, to discuss career growth, management challenges, and his 20-year journey.
Inflation and Supply Chain and Its Effects on Senior Living 1

Inflation & Supply Chain and Its Effects on Senior Living

Senior Living's response to economic trends, industry shifts, and resident expectations amidst change.